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So exciting!  As soon as I know where you can purchase my art in stores, I try to let you know and post it here.  If you see my work somewhere and I don't have it listed, please send me and e-mail and let me know.  I love to hear where you find my work, and where it shows up in the wild or in the garden of life, so to speak.  Thanks!

- Teri

Magnolia Round Placemats
Available through
Wholesaler Conimar Group!
Magnolia Round Placemats
Also available through
J.M. Cutlery!
Sweet Magnolia Placemats
Hardboard Placemats
Found at
Palm Fronds Pillow
Found at Beall
Department Stores!
Northcott Fabrics
Available Jan 2019
Northcott Fabrics
Shipping to stores
February 2019
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