Are you like me, always trying to find ways to simplify your artistic process?  You can find many sites and videos on watercolor brands, pan verses tubes, papers etc.  The information available can be overwhelming, especially when you first start to use a new medium.

I recently picked up the new popular 36 pan Kuretake watercolor set from Japan.  I have tubes from several brands too. I've been seeing posts around the web about which watercolor is better, and questions concerning pans over tubes, papers and more.  Here is my two cents... or maybe five, since I do use watercolor in my work daily.  

It doesn't matter what you're painting with.  What matters is if you have lights and darks, and warm and cools of the primary colors, and secondary colors if you want to mix less.  Most "sets" of any kind whether it's watercolor, colored pencil, oil, acrylic etc., don't have a good variety of cool and warm of the primary/secondary colors, and most likely won't have enou...


I'm trying to work 6 months ahead of the holidays. It's a little challenging to get my head into autumn when my world is bursting into spring.  In addition to working on Halloween stuff, I'm working on some new florals. Looking forward to sharing some sneak peeks in the next few weeks. 

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