I'm so excited to announce that I now have an art licensing agent! I will be teaming up with Carol White from Artworks! Licensing. Together we will be adding my work to products “Building Brands That Build Success!” Bringing my artwork into your homes, appearing on gifts, home decor, fabric and more. Yippie!

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Ive been so so busy that I have not had time to post regularly on social media or here on my blog.  Now that tax's, copyright deposit, and my behind the scene's portfolios are updated, plus all the computer and traditional file organizing is finished (for now) I can get back to some regular posting and creating.  Yahoo!

First up is a fun side project I decided to take on. And that is a "Paint and Pie Party" for church.  I've never gone to or taught one of these, so cross your fingers! Ha ha ha.  I did this little study, and I will do it one more time larger for the example piece. I tried to keep it loose and simple.  I will also be discussing a few things like light and dark, cool and warm, found and lost edges, color palette etc. We will be flinging pies and paint.  This should be fun!

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