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About The Artist

Teri Farrell - Gittins is an illustrator, surface designer, and small business owner. She grew up in the "The Biggest Little City in the World" near Lake Tahoe.  And now lives in LA LA Land, the 2nd largest city in the USA.

Teri started her art career with a BA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design. She now has over 30 years of experience creating art for several types of companies. In addition to creating beautiful paintings and surface art for products like fabrics, paper, and home decor, she also co-manages and teaches creative classes for her family sewing and home care retail shop.

Why ShootsAndBlooms?  Teri's inspired by beautiful florals and how they follow our journey through life.  If you pay attention, flowers move through life with us.  Sometimes they are subtly in the background of our lives like when we walk by a garden. Other times they are bold and bright in the forefront of our passions or our loss. Celebrating the start of life at baby showers, gracing our special occasions and traditions, and respectfully adding beauty and peace to the end of life at our memorials or resting places.  Florals remind us of how life can be strong and fragile all at the same time.  Life shoots and blooms from one adventure to the next!


Teri's collections of art include gorgeous floral paintings, complimentary simple graphics and sweet illustrations. Art for products; gracing your home and life with beauty. 

If you are curious about her family retail shop, you can find it here .  

Enjoy you visit and don't hesitate to email. Teri if you have any questions. 

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