Teri's Embroidery Designs / Rights and How To Use. 

All of the designs that you see on our websites at www.shootsandblooms.com and www.tannersewandvac.com and at www.shootsandblooms.com were drawn and digitized by Teri Farrell-Gittins.  Teri owns all of the Designs.  By accessing this website and downloading or purchasing any of Teri's Designs, you agree to be bound by the following terms of our Licensing and Use Policy.


When you download and/or purchase a Design, the Design remains the property of Teri Farrell-Gittins.  For machine embroidery Designs, you are purchasing a lifetime license to embroider the Design in an embroidery machine; for hand embroidery Designs, you are purchasing a lifetime license to hand embroider the Design. The license allows you—and only you—to use the Design in a variety of ways, including:

  • Personal use for machine or hand embroidery

  • Use on products made in an embroidery machine, or hand embroidered products, that you offer for sale at craft shows, craft fairs or through personal or peer-to-peer e-commerce websites

  • Use on products you donate to charity 

  • Use on products you give as gifts.

You are allowed to edit the Design in any manner that you choose, but Teri Farrell-Gittins will own the copyright in the edited design file. The edited design file cannot be distributed, shared or sold and is subject to the same restrictions as our original Designs.

If you are a business or organization purchasing our Designs, you need to purchase one copy of the Design for each person who uses the Design.





You may not use Teri's Designs or other copyright protected property for any purpose other than as specified above without our express written consent. The license prohibits selling, sharing, trading, or distributing our digital Design files. Please do not share the Design files. If your coworker, friend, or family member wants one of our Designs, please have him/her come to our site to buy a license for the Design.  In addition, we own the copyright on the photos and other images posted on this site. Please do not use our photographs or other images for any purpose. Likewise, we put a great deal of time and effort into our tutorials and instructional guides (when offered), and they are for your individual use only. Please do not republish or distribute them in any way without our express written permission. You may sell items that you have made following our tutorials and in compliance with the design uses listed above.

The following uses of our Designs, photographs, and other images, among others, are prohibited:


  • Selling, sharing, gifting, transferring, distributing, passing down as inheritance, or re-selling in any manner the Design files

  • Using our Designs in any media other than machine embroidery or for hand embroidery projects. For example, this means that you may not use our Designs for any of the following

  • to create a vector file for cutting machines as a pattern for a tattoo

  • as part of a company logo or other logo for screenprinting

  • as a template for glass etching

  • Using our photographs and other images, or the text or "copy" on our site, for any purpose, including for use with your own e-commerce

  • (instead, please take your own photo of the product you are selling), or as your avatar or profile picture on any internet message board, forum or social media platform

  • Using our Designs on a "machine for hire" or in any other place that would allow anyone else to access our Designs

  • Using our Designs for mass production or factory production of products for wholesale or mass retail sale

  • Using our designs as a basis or template for creating your own artwork

  • Licensing products which you created with our Designs for wholesale or mass retail sale 

  • Implying or claiming that you are the author of the artwork in our Designs


If you are interested in using Teri's Designs to manufacture products for wholesale or mass retail sale purposes, please contact Teri at Teri@shootsandblooms.com, she would be happy to discuss this possibility with you.  In the event that we become aware of any use of Teri's Designs that violates the terms of this Licensing and Use Policy, your license will immediately terminate, and you will be contacted by us or our legal representative.

If you have questions about the above, let us know!  Send an email to Teri@shootsandblooms.com or service@tannersewandvac.com. Thank you.