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My New Love!

Oh My My My! I'm a little late to the party. But yeah, the iPad pro and the Apple Pencil are AMAZING! I love this tool so much that I've spent all my free time playing and testing since Christmas. No time for social media even. This is the first time I've felt excited about a digital tool in awhile.

In the past, the tools available for an iPad where fun but not really conducive to getting anything professional done. Wow! I'm so impressed!

I downloaded all the popular apps and found two that I use exclusively (so far). The number one most amazing app to actually get work done (from start to finish if you want), and to seamlessly go from ipad to computer (photoshop) is the Procreate App. I only have two wishes for the future updates and that is to add shapes/rulers, plus a seamless integration to the adobe capture brushes, as well as photoshop library brushes. I also didn't care for the watercolor brush as much as I do for the one in the Adobe Sketch App, yet there could be a better one to purchase from someone. That said, Procreate has more variety in brushes and textures, plus it is very easy to create brushes right in the App then save them to the Procreate brush library. It's just that I couldn't bring the ones I created using capture as easily. You can work around that by copying or sending the image to procreate, etc. Yet Adobe capture works with black images and Procreate uses white, so if I created a brush I liked in one, then it was double duty creating it for the other. Not horrible but not easy either. Although, someone may have worked out how to save the procreate brush in a format for photoshop... I haven't done enough googling on the subject yet.

Which brings me to the second most useful and fun app (at least for me). The Adobe Sketch. I love a few things that Procreate doesn't have (yet). And personally, I could not complete a finished pro piece here. It's very limited compared to Procreate, yet it does have a ruler, easy access to the adobe capture brushes that you can create from basically anything. I also love the watercolor brush. It spreads and bleeds like real watercolor. I've been creating a few things on layers then exporting as psd to later use in Procreate or Photoshop.

All in all, I'm so in love with this new tool and supporting artistic apps. I'm sure I'll use it in many future creations. Most likely integrating it with what I create traditionally.

So basically... you can create easily from start to finish in Procreate. Sketch is fun to create assets or layers of stuff, then export or save to use later in other professional apps.

A few examples of the fun I've been having. The last is showing a few of the brushes I created.

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