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Jennifer's Bouquet

I just finished this lovely bouquet! So soft and so pretty. Each bouquet I'm asked to paint presents different challenges. They are unique pieces of art, as are the brides that receive them.

I paint from images given to me. Rarely there is one perfect photo that I can use as reference. Usually I need to create a beautiful painting from several photos. In one photo the lighting may be too dark, another too sharp or too soft. Then I get photos where several of the flowers are out of focus, or turned in a different way then I have planned to paint them. In some cases many of them are so soft and blurry I have to guess the details or try to figure them out by googling the flower. Believe it or not, photos from family members rather then wedding photographers, are better for that exact reason.

Not only do the photo references determine the end result of the painting, but also how large the client wants the final painting to be. This painting is approximately 13"x11". That means the carnation measures to be about 2" round. That's a lot of ruffles for two inches! Just say'n.

Even with all it's challenges, just as on any wedding day, here she is presented and gorgeous!

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